An anaesthetist is a specialist doctor who is extensively trained in the speciality of anaesthesia. In addition to completing medical school they have worked a minimum of 2 years as a hospital doctor before undertaking at least a further 5 years of anaesthetic training. During this time your Anaesthetist is trained in the fields of perioperative medicine – this encompasses all aspects of medicine related to patient care before, during and after surgery including pain management, resuscitation, the management of medical emergencies and intensive care. They also study specific areas such as paediatrics, obstetrics, and the care of the elderly. Anaesthetists may also undertake further training in a sub-speciality field of interest such as paediatric, regional or obstetric anaesthesia providing them with a greater depth of knowledge and experience in these fields.

Your Anaesthetist oversees your well-being continuously throughout your procedure – administering medications, monitoring your vital functions and ensuring a safe recovery.

There is no safer place in the world to undergo anaesthesia than Australia.