There is currently no evidence to support restricting feeding your child breastmilk after your procedure. There is also no need to routinely express and discard your breastmilk after your procedure, what is colloquially known as “pump and dump”. This is due to the fact that the medications administered to you are short acting and are absorbed poorly when taken orally by your child. This means that if some of the medications pass through into your breastmilk they are unlikely to have a clinical effect on your child. 

Some additional steps you can take to minimise disruption to your feeding include the following:

  • Stay well hydrated by drinking clear fluids such as water or apple juice while fasting from food. Aim to drink about one cup every hour or so up until you come into hospital
  • For your comfort, breastfeed (or express) as close to your procedure time as possible
  • Breastfeed or express as soon as possible after your procedure.

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