Members of Private Health Funds
Depending on your Health Fund and level of cover you may be covered for all or a portion of the anaesthetic service. If your health fund covers the full cost, you will not have any out of pocket expense. However, if your health fund does not cover the full cost, you will be required to make a gap payment (out of pocket expense). If your health fund does not have a “known gap” product you will be invoiced for the entire amount and rebates claimed from your insurer after your account is settled. There is significant differences between the amount covered by Health Funds. It is your responsibility to ensure your health fund covers your anaesthetic before your procedure.

Payment Options
If you are required to pay for all or part of your anaesthetic fee, an invoice will be forwarded to you. Register your details here to let us know whether you prefer to receive information by email or post. Accepted payment options can be found below.

BPay: Follow the instructions on the bottom of your invoice to pay with your Cheque or Savings account.

Bank Cheque: Please note, personal cheques are not accepted. Bank Cheques should be made payable to the anaesthetist on the top of your invoice. On receipt of your invoice, detach the payment slip and post your cheque to: PO Box 324, New Lambton 2305 NSW.

Australia Post Money Order: Money orders should be made payable to the anaesthetist on the top of your invoice. Please write the patient’s name and date of surgery in description so your payment can be linked to your account. Money orders can be emailed or detach the payment slip on your invoice and post to: PO Box 324, New Lambton 2305 NSW.

Credit Card: Our online merchant facility provides an easy and secure way to pay using your credit card – simply click on your anaesthetist in the right sidebar. Alternatively you can email, phone or post your completed payment slip to pay by credit card.

Please note we are unable to accept cash payments.

Self-Funded Patients (uninsured):
For Patients who choose to have their procedure in a Private Hospital and are not covered by a Health Fund, payment of the anaesthetic fee will be required before the day of surgery. A portion of the fee charged may be able to be claimed back through Medicare.

If you are concerned your financial circumstance may make paying your bill difficult, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

Uninsured patients who have not settled their account before the day of surgery will have their procedure cancelled.