When your procedure has been completed, you will be transferred to the Recovery Area where specialised nursing staff will take care of you. Most patients feel quite well after their procedure but if you experience any side-effects they will be promptly attended to. These can include nausea, vomiting or pain. If you have had a regional anaesthetic your arm or leg(s) may still feel numb and you may have reduced muscle strength. This is temporary and normal sensation and movement will return when the local anaesthetic wears off usually within 24 hours.

When you have made sufficient recovery you will either be transferred to the ward for further care or discharged home in the care of a responsible adult. You must NOT be left alone, drive a vehicle, operate machinery or sign any contracts in the immediate 24 hours after undergoing an anaesthetic.

You may be discharged home with a script for pain medication which you should take to your pharmacist as soon as practical. In some circumstances it may be possible to discharge you home with an ongoing local anaesthetic infusion to supplement your pain relief. This will be discussed further with you if this is an appropriate technique to manage your pain.